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S1 | Fall 2020


Season 1

Trends. We are all influenced by them, but few of us know why. And fewer of us know what that means for our brands and bottom lines.

From the latest show to watch to social causes that you MUST care about, to the obsession with all things unicorns - knowing what trends to be part of, which ones to stay away from, and what it all means to the hearts and minds of your audience  - is where I come in. 

For the last two decades master luxury neuro human branding expert, Ali Craig, knows why some trends won’t leave, why some burn out quickly, and what this all means for your brand. Every week, Ali breaks down the hottest trends for you, your brand, and your bottom line.


4x International Award-Winning Show

Let’s Transform Your Brand |

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about THE SHOW

With over two decades of real-world knowledge and experience, 3x best-selling author and founder of the Society of Neuro Human Branding®,  Ali Craig, has supported thousands of entrepreneurs to build passion-filled, profitable lives, brands, and the influential relationships they have always dreamed of. Audiences - be them big or small- on how to create more powerful experiences, to create more profitable incomes with their brands and lives at large. 


The Society of Neuro Human Branding® is committed to restoring the field of branding to what was always meant to be a deeply personal and profound relationship between your audience and you. By implementing the science, psychology, and sociology of the Neuro Human Branding™ method, brands can create ROI relationships, not just rhetoric.

For years marketing has focused on statistics, logical data collection, and ROI to value a brand's competitive nature. Yet, neuroscience is proving more and more that less than of our 35,000 decisions made per day on average are logical ones. 


Neuro Human Branding® cuts to what drives human beings’ reactions, decisions, and actions: biology and psychology. With more than 35,000 decisions made a day, fewer than 1800 of them consciously made, we move and make decisions on instinct, not information. Neuro Human Branding® isn’t about sharing logic. Neuro Human Branding® is about talking to the deep longing your unique audience has.

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