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Notoriety® Academy

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When planning, building, and scaling your business “forks in the road” can be a daily occurrence. How do you price your latest offer? What should my latest offer be? How do I create a social media strategy? What platform should I build my website in? How do I get media exposure for my work? How do I know this business coach is for me? Hi. I'm Ali Craig. Yes, questions are a part of entrepreneurial life. And though some questions take time and thoughtfulness- a lot of what holds most entrepreneurs back is simply because they don’t have the right information to make the decision that is right for them, their lives, and their brand. That’s where Notoriety® Academy comes in. For over the last two decades, I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs from around the world keep moving their brands forward by not having these questions derail or slow down their growth. The Notoriety® Academy is designed to give you the facts you need to know, ask the right questions to help you see the unique answer that is right for you. Designed with real life in mind our mini-courses are designed to get you unstuck in 30 minutes or less. Yep, that knawing problem that is has had you stuck for days, weeks, ... dare we say months... can be solved and you on your way to working the solution out in under 30 minutes. With topics ranging from branding, marketing, media/press, events, social media, being an influencer, and so much more.



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