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Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® Course Bundle

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For over the last two decades I have helped thousands of struggling entrepreneurs transform their fledgling businesses into fierce competition. Because it is no longer about selling a product or a service, it is about selling the experience, the relationship, and speaking to the social stories that hold the hearts and subconscious minds of our audiences. And in this age of social media where everyone is a critic as well as an instant expert- your business and audience can boom or backfire overnight. If you have any hope of saving your brand you must learn to embrace the experience, you are really selling and escape the mindset that all that they are is just an offer. With the Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® Bundle, you receive 5 mini-course videos covering the following business issues: How To Build A Successful Brand How To Build The Business Side To Your Brand 5 Mistakes Everyone Makes With Their Brands Brands and Budget 101 How To Ace The Business Trifecta of Branding, Marketing, and Sales



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