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Community Standards.

Notoriety® Academy,  Notoriety® Society, and Notoriety® Network Guidelines


The Notoriety® Community is your space to connect, create, share, grow and inspire. It is up to us to keep this a safe, accepting, and encouraging space for everyone. We are all here to build our brands, grow our businesses, and positively impact the world. Please read and agree to the guidelines below. 


If we view that you are in violation of any of these rules this is grounds for immediate and permanent removal from this group. 


  1. No selling. We all get it. We all have businesses that we think are AWESOME! Do not actively promote, sell, spam, mass mail or solicit business within this group. Do not add anyone in the Community to your mailing list without express permission. Feel free to take conversations offline to have that business magic happen. Please vet all Members before enter into any business transactions.  We are not responsible for any interactions between Community members.

  2. Be kind. The haters can be out in the world, but there is no room for them here. It is our job collectively to make everyone feel welcome, encouraged and supported.  We do not tolerate any hate speech or inflammatory comments.   It is within our sole discretion whether a comment violates this paragraph or the paragraph below and any Community member may be removed for such violations. Don’t trash talk. Though we can not control what you say outside of this group, we highly encourage you not to trash talk anyone inside or outside of this group. We are all doing the best we can at any given moment. {Plus karma is real and this negative juju will come back to you.}

  3. Give. Give. Give. Some days it can feel like all we are doing is giving, but you can truly never give enough. With that said, do not give away the services that you sell just because you feel obligated. 

  4. This is not charity. We are all business owners here and we understand that we all sell items. Respect others’ professions, expertise, and knowledge. Your question or need posed in this group may be too much for a quick response or it may be inappropriate for the group as a whole. Respect a fellow member who is offering you support  if they ask to bring the conversation offline and in turn support you through a paid professional exchange. It is your choice to accept their paid help or not. Not everything can be solved for free or instantly.

  5. Be ethical and original. Do not steal other’s ideas, work, visuals, and or verbiage. You are your own creative being. You do you. 

  6. Confidentiality.   To maximize the benefits of the Community, the Community is a safe space for each member to openly share ideas, strategies, and plans.  Everything posted here is confidential.  Members may not use any ideas, plans or strategies shared by other Members for their benefit, nor may any Member share, screenshot, or copy any content and share with any third parties outside of the Community.

  7. Due diligence is up to you. We have lots of amazing businesses in this group. It is up to you to do your due diligence prior to hiring any of them. Members of this group are in no way shape or form endorsed, vetted, or approved by Ali Craig or any of her companies. 

  8. Respect personal boundaries. We chose online/app forum vs Facebook because of the intimate nature of the channel. The file sharing, instant updates, searchability, and private messaging are super easy to use on any platform and it doesn’t get you sidetracked into jumping down the rabbit hole about what is going on in Facebook land. Without said, please do not spam, or harass your fellow members. Personal boundaries in this group are as follows: If you reach out once and you receive no response then follow up once in a kind, understanding way. After that if you get no response, then walk away. 

  9. Respect our  intellectual property and the other members. Sharing files for feedback and resources to better your brand is the entire point of this library. Do not claim any work other than your own as you own, use the resources without permission, share our or any member’s intellectual property with third parties, or use anyone’s ideas. {aka use the resources, don’t steal the resources.}

  10. Ask for approval not forgiveness. Do not upload any visuals that could be viewed as offensive or lewd. It is within our sole discretion whether a post violates this provision.  When in doubt, message us first. We are happy to help. Do not share resources with the group without prior consent from the Ali Craig team. 

  11. No affiliate links. This group is not your ATM. Do not share affiliate links in this group or to the members. PERIOD.

  12. Appreciate this library and community.  This is a growing and evolving group and resource library. This group is Ali Craig’s way of connecting and giving back. We do not own Apple or Google Play. They could change their rules and regulations at any time. If they change their terms that may limit or remove our ability to keep the group open and running. Similarly, if group guidelines are not honored and upheld, this group may also be eliminated. 

  13. This is for real brands only. This group is strictly for real business owners with real brands. Get rich quick schemes and other fast money approaches will not be allowed. 

  14. Be all in. Please do not create subgroups to this group. Rather focus your time and energy on the wisdom and skills that is here. 


Remember, this community is about learning, growing, and building our brands to get customers. The primary intention of this group is for learning how to build successful, influential and profitable brands- NOT GAINING NEW CUSTOMERS. 




This is not a place for technical support, therapy, or your personal support group. We share love and support, but this is not the environment for deep personal psychological support. 


Opinions, comments, advice, and other information expressed by members in discussions or comments are the authors. You rely on such information at your own risk. Members are urged to seek professional support for specific, individual situations and not rely solely on advice or opinions of the group. 


We hope it never happens, but if it does, here is what happens if you slip up. We might: delete your post, reach out to you to say how not cool your actions are, block or ban you from the group, or our lawyers may connect with you. 


We never want this to happen and we hope and pray it never does. But we take the vibe of this community very seriously. Because nothing negatively affects a brand than an uncool vibe.  


If you have any questions about the above or if there is a question we haven’t covered email us at


This community is created out of love. Ali and the team do not actively watch the group 24/7/365. Be understanding and know that we will get in touch with you soon, just not instantly. 


We reserve the right to change these Community Guidelines and Library Rules or to impose new conditions on use of the group from time to time, in which case we will repost the revised document in the group. Just search “Library Rules.”


Notoriety, LLC. (“Company”) reserves the right to permanently suspend membership for any member at their discretion. Violation of any Library Rules as determined by Company is grounds for permanent or temporary suspension of a community member. Company reserves the right to deny any request for membership and remove any post at its discretion. Company reserves the right to change the requirements or rules from time to time with or without notice.

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