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From Fledgling To Fierce

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DID YOU KNOW: 82% of entrepreneurs' self-fund their work to get it started Make less than $55k per year 95.1% have a bachelor's degree Work more than 66 hours per week 90% of all startups fail You haven’t worked this hard to fail now. Let’s change your odds. LET’S GET REAL Your brand isn’t struggling for your lack of trying. Your brand is struggling because you have the wrong information and therefore you can’t make the right decisions. HI. I’M ALI CRAIG. 3X best-selling author, 25-year luxury and neuro human branding® expert, and host of the 12x international award-winning docu-series of Apple’s Notoriety® Network FIX MY BRAND WITH ALI CRAIG®. I want to help you get the right information for you to make the right decision for your brand and have the life, business, and bank account that you want. It truly is possible. You just need to be informed and then execute. It truly is that simple. In this meeting style ecourse, I will personally lead you through what decisions need to be made to transform your brand and when. No guessing on what happens next- I got you covered. Plus all along the way I am going to share with you the real world facts about what each decision means for your brand, share with you pitfalls to avoid, and help you build your brand playbook. This way you and your team will never go off brand and out of profit. I’ll be walking you from strategy all the way through how to have a successful launch. So yes, I got ya!



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