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Notoriety® Original

She Means Brand™

Season 1 | Fall 2021

She Means Brand™ 

Season 1

Brands are failing around the around not because of a lack of information, but because of a lack of integrity. Lack of integrity when it comes to the source and ourselves. Twenty-three-year branding veteran, Ali Craig, is here to change all of that. Bring her real world, really works truth to what makes real brands win no matter the economy, environment, or world economics. This is She Means Brand™.

about THE SHOW

Ever come to a place in your brand/business where you feel like you fell down the “rabbit hole” and have no idea how to get your brand and bottom line back on track? You know, you are doing all the right tasks, but the results aren’t adding up? Luxury and Neuro Human Branding® Specialist Ali Craig deals with these issues every day, and on this series, she leans her expertise to desperate brands hoping to rehabilitate their brands, businesses, and bottom lines.

Luxury and Neuro Human Branding® Specialist Ali Craig lends her expertise to the first season of SHE MEANS BRAND™ to take on the most troubled and struggling brands anyone has encountered. 


Ali Craig aims to correct the brand logistics and improve the relationships between brand and founder, staff, audience, and followers. And sometimes it isn’t the brand as much as it is the attitudes and social stories of the people of influence that need Craig’s brand juju touch. In SHE MEANS BRAND™, Craig always has one goal in mind - to prevent the brand from going under and contributing to the overwhelming percentage of failed entrepreneurial businesses. 


Armed with more than 23 years of experience, a proven brand strategy, and her signature take-action style, Craig is on a mission to help brands find the source of their struggle. In each episode, Craig swoops in to solve a gamut of brand issues and repair the relationships they’re ruining. Whether it’s the brand or the owners who are missing the mark, leave it to Craig to save the day!

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