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social media for people who hate social media

S1 | Fall 2020

Social Media For People Who HAte Social Media

Make it stand out.

Love it or hate it, social media isn’t going anywhere. 

Touted as a free marketing platform for any business, most businesses find social media to be an exhausting struggle of content creation that doesn’t end up producing paying clients. Because let’s face it who can create 3 Instagram and Facebook posts, 8-15 stories, 12-22 tweets, and Pinterest pins, and 1 Linked In post - PER DAY!!!! 

Yep, that is well over 500 pieces of content per week that need to be created, shared, commented on, and engaged with. 


But let’s be real following the current rules of social media won’t create a thriving brand for you. You must learn how to create your own rules when it comes to social media and uses these online platforms to your brand and bottom-line advantage. 

Watch. Read. Listen.

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