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Notoriety® Original

Fix My Brand With Ali Craig®

12x International Award-Winning Series

S1 | Fall 2017 * S2 | Fall 2018-2019 * S3 | Fall 2020

Fix My Brand With Ali Craig®

Season 1

As entrepreneurs - new or old- we all have moments where our brands fail to succeed. Sometimes subconsciously self-inflicted- sometimes logistical- all overcome able. These are the stories of 9 people and their bands. And how we turned chaos into brand clarity and cash.

Season 2

Entrepreneurs are changing the face of business. But let’s get real, working double the hours than a corporate employee and making less than $50k a year - isn’t what we call “making bank.”

Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® is changing all of that. Featuring seasoned industry vets to business owners just a few years in - we traveled from Coast to Coast to help fix these brands and forever change their marketplaces.

Season 3 

Brands are in crisis from around the world. Big and small, local to online - the COVID-19 pandemic closed markets and nations and destroyed industries instantly. And though these businesses may be open, business isn’t back to usual. 

That’s where I come in. 

Over the last two decades, I have helped thousands of struggling entrepreneurs transform their fledgling businesses into fierce competition. Because it is no longer about selling a product or a service, it is about selling the experience, the relationship, and speaking to the social stories that hold the hearts and subconscious minds of our audiences.

And in this age of social media, where everyone is a critic and an instant expert- your business and audience can boom or backfire overnight.

If I have any hope of saving these brands and transforming these businesses, I have to get these entrepreneurs to embrace the experience they are selling and escape the mindset that all that they are is just an offer.

Let’s Transform Your Brand |

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about Ali Craig

Passion-filled and no holds barred, Ali Craig is on a mission to bring forth a new level of entrepreneur - elite, excited, and with massively increased incomes. With over 2+ decades of real-world experience in luxury and neuro human branding®- Craig is training the businesses and viewers of this hit reality tv series on how to create more powerful experiences, to create more profitable incomes with their brands and lives at large.


This 3x best-selling author, Ali, is bringing her once private and highly exclusive systems, strategies, and techniques to the masses all to combat the BS, and misinformation that is running rampant in this “Google” Age society. It is this pseudo information that is outwardly designed to help a growing business, but yet, in reality, is the kryptonite to these heroic global economy changers desiring to live, be, and do a life of notoriety®.

Watch. Read. Listen.

International award-winning, truth-telling shows, real-world advice, opinions from leading industry experts, and interviews with fellow entrepreneurs who have been where you are.


Notoriety® Network provides truthful, accurate, and unbiased plus opinions and analyses. 24 hours a day. 365 days a year.


And as one of America’s fastest-growing female media companies and unbias entrepreneurial outlets for business, branding, marketing, and the entrepreneurial way of life.

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