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Taking The Dirty Out Of Divorce

4x International Award-Winning Series

S1 | Fall 2020

Taking The Dirty Out Of Divorce

Season 1

Divorce is a word that strikes fear and sadness into the hearts of most. Yet divorce doesn’t have to be dirty. And the truth is that our fear of the world, social expectations, and perceptions stop us from divorcing the thing, people, and aspects of our lives that are no longer serving us. 

Holistic divorce coach Dawn Burnett, along with her celebrity guests, each week covers a new area of life, relationships, mindset, and experiences that most of us need to do a little divorcing in. From divorcing your people-pleasing ways to discovering the habits that no longer serve you, Dawn and her guests will show you just how to take the dirty out of divorce and begin to live the life you truly want.


4x International Award Winning Show

Image by Daniel Mingook Kim

about Dawn

Holistic divorce coach, Dawn Burnett, is passionate about helping people divorce the people, places, and things that are no longer serving their higher self.  Founder of #SHERO Project, Dawn knows firsthand what it takes to divorce situations, relationships, and habits in search of wholeness and happiness. Through her one-on-one coaching, Dawn supports men and women worldwide to take the dirty out of divorce and step into joyous living.

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